What if, in just a few minutes a day, you could review the latest literature and update your emergency medicine knowledge?

EM MASTERY gives you Clinical Cases Podcasts, Mastery Video lectures, Literature Reviews and Live Webinars. You can complete the online cardiac course and take the monthly ECG/X-ray and MCQ quizzes. 


Our goal, is to give you enjoyable, outstanding teaching, in short lectures, podcasts and written summaries.... and make it affordable.




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Are You Ready To take on a more enjoyable way to learn and update?

Every week we upload new content, to give you a monthly set of topics you will love You get:

  • Clinical Cases Podcasts
  • Minutes to Mastery Lectures
  • Papercut: Our Literature review series,¬†
  • 4¬†live webinar every¬†year
  • Emcore Conference lectures¬†
  • Quizzes to keep you sharp.

With a few minutes a day, you can cover a lot of learning.

Featured  Clinical Cases Podcast

A 58 yo patient presents with palpitations, who is feeling unwell. He has a past medical history of ischaemic heart disease with two coronary stents placed. He is now in VT that is not responsive to treatment.

Be Very Afraid
Electrical VT Storm


Featured Minutes to Mastery Lectures

Rapid lectures with quick clinical summaries. 
In this lecture we cover BRASH Syndrome. You may not know you were treating it. It stands for Bradycardia, Renal Impairment, AV Block, Shock and Hyperkalaemia.


How would you feel if;

  • That difficult case that we discuss in the Clinical Cases Podcast, is there in your next shift and you're totally prepared?
  • The most relevant, practice changing literature is sourced for you?
  • You could brush up quickly on essential emergency medicine?
  • Learning can be done whilst walking or driving?
  • You had time left to spare to do other things you want to do?¬†
  • You could watch EMCORE Conference lectures every month
  • You get quizzes.

Yes, It's Possible!

It's possible to streamline your learning.


What if, in a typical week, You Could…

  • Listen to a podcast on Hypertensive Emergencies, or Ventricular Storm, on the way to work
  • Spend a few minutes reading the most up to date, relevant literature on paediatrics or resuscitation or cardiology?
  • Watch a video on Stroke Mimics, or status epilepticus or managing shock in just 10-18 minutes
  • Watch EMCORE Conference Lectures?
  • Get access to¬†courses and ,quizzes ... for the cost of¬†a cup of coffee a week?
  • You were part of the Emergency Medicine online community, meet other physicians from around the world, post cases and discuss current topics?


What you get with your subscription

  • 2 Clinical Case Podcasts¬†monthly
  • 2 Clinical Mastery Lectures¬†monthly
  • Papercut Lit Reviews
  • 4 Webinar Grand Rounds/year
  • Self Study Cardiac Short Course
  • 2 EMCORE lectures monthly
  • Monthly ECG/X-ray/MCQ Quiz
  • Access to the EM Mastery Community,¬†
  • PLUS CPD Point certificates

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